Dating in fujairah

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Dating in fujairah

The thoroughly modern city of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates is also home to some of the most important historical buildings in the region.

Visitors to Fujairah will find that they can explore ancient mosques, Iron Age tombs, magnificent forts and castles near the Arabian Sea.

An elated Sheikh Mohammed told WAM, "This project has made an important contribution to knowledge of Fujairah's history and heritage. It emphasises, once again, the value of using the latest scientific techniques for research not just into our present and future, but also into our past." The coral samples taken from the building of the mosque were sent to the University of Minnesota in the US, where they underwent a technique known as uranium-thorium radiometric dating.

This helped in providing the new information about their dates of construction.

The UAE's oldest house of worship, Al Bidiyah Mosque on Fujairah's mountainous coastline, goes so far back in time that nobody really knew its actual history.

Apparently the first home for immigrants who arrived from the south-eastern Arabian Peninsula, Fujairah houses an old fort that used to serve as protection from invaders.

"Even fathers' fathers don't know who built this mosque.

There were no books or historical studies on who built it." Its structure has been kept true to its past.

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