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Karmin are they dating

Afterwards she tweeted, "Me & the hubby performing Saturday at @sxsw who's going? The duo jokingly responded to the goofy pic, "How did our photos leak? As a bonus they still have those wine glasses, which they said they use all the time even though they have 9/10/11 engraved on them. Nick and Amy first met while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where they formed their band Karmin."One fan was so anxious to see an official wedding pic that he Photoshopped their images onto a bride and groom. "Amy and Nick opened up about their engagement in an interview with Huff Post Live in April 2015 and dished that they didn't have a date set."Absolutely not," Nick joked when asked if they had started planning, but admitted they did have one at one point before canceling it."We even got these wine glasses with the date on it. Their musical chemistry would ultimately turn into a romantic relationship. We're like 'oh geez.' We better do this right, and that will take time." Unfortunately, the two revealed that, with their tight schedule, they will not have a day off until December 22.One would think spending all that time together may get a little tiresome, which they admit it sometimes does, but Karmin wouldn't want to experience their incredible journey with anyone but each other.Women want one thing (besides a nice husband, a gorgeous diamond ring, and a clean house): gorgeous hair.And when you’re struggling with dry scalp, it can seem almost impossible to style your hair the way you please.

"[AOL] put us on this list of most anticipated weddings.

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The real-life couple landed a record deal, released their breakthrough EP Hello in May and their smash single, "Brokenhearted," peaked at the #16 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

With so much on their plate lately, it seems this engaged couple, who met while studying at Berklee College of Music, haven't had time for the most important thing going on in their lives: their upcoming wedding.

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"People ask us a lot and obviously that is something that comes up, but we haven't talked about it," Nick Noonan told MTV News at the Rolling Stone "Women Who Rock" showcase, where they are competing with Rita Ora to land the cover of the September issue.