Oguri shun and yamada yu dating christian dating teens cars

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Oguri shun and yamada yu dating

Perhaps in order to support her popular husband, Yamada has cut down on her own television appearances, and she devotes herself to modelling in fashion magazines.

Oguri too, should be so busy that he doesn’t have time for fun, but it seems as though that isn’t the case.

Shun debuted on the small screen when he was 13..started gaining some attention with his role of 'Uchiyama Haruhiko' aka "Uchi" in the hit drama Gokusen back in 2002, but it wasn't until 2005 that he had his breakthrough role as 'Hanazawa Rui' in the hugely popular drama Hana Yori Dango and he rose to prominence..gained even more attention with his role as 'Sano Izumi' in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e in 2007.

He also had his first major leading role as the smart young detective 'Kudo Shinichi' in the Detective Conan live actions...although his actual debut leading role was in Hitsuji no Uta back in 2002.

However, Yamada’s friends revealed that the actress would eventually just say ‘Well, he is that kind of guy’, and remind them that she really loves his…face. Just look at this perfectly symmetrical face and think, ‘He’s my husband.’ There you go. All types of rumours plague this triple-threat couple (they’re both top singers, actors and models).

Akanishi and Kuroki suddenly married in 2012 and had a daughter the same year.

He said of the film that “It has broadened by views of a world I had never seen, a world on a magnificent scale”.

Even after marrying the model Yamada Yu in March of last year, Oguri is still in demand with film and television work.

He has also starred in several stage plays with the help of his theatrical roots. Shun has also become a fully fledged director..made his first directorial debut directing a commercial in 2009, however, his first major directorial project is directing his first movie titled Surely Someday, which was released in July 17th 2010 nationwide in Japan.Yu’s reported pregnancy comes on the heels of the persistent tabloid rumors that Shun is cheating on her.The latest dish involves a tabloid snapping pics of Shun going out to a late dinner with his and it’s so startling to see how many of the leads in the dorama has gone from playing high school students to hitting their thirties and getting married leading to having babies down the road. Congrats to Shun and Yu if they really are expecting a baby!She appeared to want to say something but ended up not responding.Then when she was about to get into the car and leave, someone shouted congratulations and her whole face broke into a beaming smile before she departed.

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(so freaking awesome and unexpectedly funny) so this slipped past me until the rumors surfaced of Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao maybe dating for real and perhaps planning to get hitched.