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Posted by / 30-Jun-2020 17:12

Identity Context allows organizations to meet growing security threats by leveraging the context-aware policy management and authorization capabilities built into the Oracle Access Management platform.

Please check with Voip service provider to obtain this information, and fill in "outbound proxy" setting on the configuration of Grandstream products accordingly.

Applications have evolved significantly over the years.

The term delivery is now generally accepted as the means of bringing an application to the user in this new era of mobility and cloud.

Application delivery controllers, which are widely deployed as a key fixture in the enterprise, help applications adapt to the networks and protocols that are in place today.

They also ensure that applications perform optimally, are always available and don’t present any security risks either to the user or business.

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ADCs have gained traction within the last decade, largely due to increased demand for legacy load balancing appliances to handle more advanced application delivery requirements and improve application performance.