Updating from arcsde to arcserver

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Updating from arcsde to arcserver

Updates the Arc SDE system tables and stored procedures You cannot use this operation to upgrade geodatabases that participate in geodatabase functionality; this can only be run on geodatabases that have only the Arc SDE system tables populated.

You must stop the giomgr process before running an upgrade.

As suggested by @ujjwalesri you may find it easier to use a Feature Service to edit the features directly, or investigating the use of Spatial Views if that is possible in your architecture.

Pre-requisites If you are wishing to make these kind of direct updates to layers from the database side then you are really only using Arc SDE like a viewer interface to see the spatial data held in your database tables.

To avoid problems with my enterprise geodatabase: Are there any additional steps, which I have to perform (like inject the license key directly in my database)?!

And what's about my Geo Database-Connection from my personal computer to the enterprise geodatabase?

I don't have any experience with the package, but your workflow seems to be doable.From web scenes, to City Engine, to Arc GIS Pro, there are many different applications to import, manage, model, and share your 3D data. Arc GIS provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning so you can explore data and share location-based insights.—Geir Arve Vika, Lyse Energi Norwegian industrial group Lyse Energi operates hydropower and power distribution, district heating, gas distribution, and fiber to the home with Internet and TV services.Is it possible and/or feasible for an Oracle trigger to periodically update Arc SDE via a REST geoprocessing service? The reason for this is that I have an Oracle database that is separate from the SDE database, and there are number of business rules that we want to run first, before inserting the geometry into SDE. Point features via Arc GIS Server via Arc SDE loaded onto web map 2. Edits to points first get written to Oracle, then, via trigger to Arc SDE Would it be possible to work the other way?

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Do I have to establish a new connection using a "new generated" keycodes file?

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