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Windows toc format numbering updating

After you have worked on a document which contains a table of contents (TOC), you have the option of updating the TOC to reflect the changes you have made.

You can make formatting changes (e.g., text size, color) to the TOC as you would to ordinary text.

2 Don't use the toolbar numbering or bullet buttons. 3 Apply styles to your headings, preferably Word's built-in Heading styles.

4 Modify the styles so you can have the font, paragraph and other formatting to suit your needs.

Microsoft Word has an automatic table of contents function that can automatically generate a table of contents for your document, provided you correctly tag the chapter headers and sub-headers that you wish to show in your table of contents.

Setting this up can be a time-consuming process, but if you are writing a lengthy document that will go through several drafts, the automatic Table of Contents can save you a lot of manual revising each time your page numbers or chapter titles change.

See One of the huge advantages of setting up your numbering using the appropriate styles is that you can use Word's outline view, which is incredibly powerful. When you've finished getting your numbers right, you might be interested to read some of the material the MVP people have put together on numbering.You can not only designate what elements will be included in the table of contents, but also how they are arranged as well.For example, a page title might be labeled Heading 1, and the subtopics that fall below it might be labeled Heading 2.Managing numbered headings and outline numbering in anything but the simplest of Microsoft Word documents can easily drive you crazy. This page lays out the basics of how to set up outline numbering in Word.You seem to go round and round in circles, and never end up with what you want. For more details, see the links at the bottom of this page. Since there are good reasons for using Word's built-in Heading styles, this page concentrates on using those Heading styles.

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While we do use some of the requirements from Rackham’s formatting guidelines to demonstrate the tools, you must verify the formatting requirements with the appropriate office.