Yamashita tomohisa and keiko kitagawa dating

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Reporters found out the pair had switched their jackets.

Tomohisa Yamashita has ended things with his rumored French girlfriend, and is now seeing a restaurant worker, reports women’s weekly magazine Shukan Josei.

In fact, the tabloid has even got a snapshot of Yamapi hanging out with a Caucasian girl in what seems to be a full-fledged date.

According to the tabloid, Yamapi, another Japanese ikemen, and two foreign girls were on a group date at a Japanese-style restaurant where even the Prime Minister likes to have his dinner, Tokyo’s Nishiazabu.

On that day, the two were seen leaving Kitagawa's place. It was evident in the photos that Kitagawa was holding onto Yamashita's arm.

They seemed very comfortable with each other and looked like an actual couple on a date.

Even if he had work from early in the morning, he’d make time to see her for meals afterwards,” said one source who knows Yamashita.

because had begin follow on him from childhood~!!!!! I'm falling in love with your character Takane Hoshikawa in "From 5 to 9".

Yeah, the storyline and the script were helping him.

Last month, Japanese magazine Josei Seven took photos of them holding hands in the rain.

act=image&pid=837304][img] Tomohisa and Girlfriend Exchange Clothes[/b]Source: [url=" by: sparkles_n15 @ [url=" appearing together in the drama Buzzer Beat, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko's onscreen romance has blossomed into real life.

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Here is what another customer had to say about the group: “They entered the restaurant around the same time as we did and already hugged each other at the entrance after taking off their coats.

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